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Does Your Plate Look Like MyPlate?

October 4, 2011

My PlateThe USDA MyPlate had its big debut a few months back in June.  This new food icon that was launched can be used as a visual to help people eat healthier, balanced meals.  The real question now is what changes have YOU made since MyPlate has been released.  Think back over the past few months and evaluate how MyPlate helped YOU make positive nutrition changes.  Did you cut your portion sizes?  Did you make sure that your plate had all the food groups represented for healthy balanced meals?  Have you been reading food labels and choosing the foods with the lower sodium content?

If you answered no, then don’t worry.  You can make the commitment to change now.

If you answered yes, I now challenge you to take it a step further!  Continue practicing the changes you’ve made and add a new change each week.  It could be as small as adding an additional serving of vegetables to your lunch or trying a milk that is lower in fat.  Keep building upon the positive changes you have already made and before long, your plate will look just like MyPlate.

Another way to implement the guidelines is to place a copy of the MyPlate icon on your refrigerator or in the drawer of your desk at work as a constant visual reminder to follow the tips and stay on track.  This will also help to keep you motivated.   I placed a picture of MyPlate on my refrigerator and my 9 year old daughter, Lauren, likes to look at it before she sits down to dinner to make sure she is eating all the food groups.  Wow, this really makes a dietitian mom proud!!

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