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World Diabetes Day

November 14, 2011

Today was a busy day!  My previous post today was about National Guacamole Day.  Well, today, November 14th, is also World Diabetes Day, led by the International Diabetes Federation in response to the growing rate of diabetes.  It is celebrated on this day to mark the birthday of Fredrick Banting who, along with Charles Best, discovered insulin, a life-saving treatment for individuals suffering from diabetes.

The purpose of World Diabetes Day is to raise global awareness about this disease. According to WHO, approximately 346 million people worldwide have diabetes. Diabetes rates are rapidly escalating and WHO estimates that by 2030 this number is likely to double without proper treatment and intervention!

Between 2009 and 2013 the World Diabetes Day theme is Diabetes Education and Prevention. This day is celebrated around the globe by diabetes associations and organizations, companies, health care professionals, health departments and people living with diabetes along with their families and friends. Every year activities and events are organized with the goal to raise awareness. Some events include radio and television programs, sports events, free screenings for diabetes and its complications, public information meetings, poster campaigns, diabetes workshops, newspaper and magazine articles, walks/runs and events for children and adolescents.

Diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent. Many people go on living without knowing that they have the disease. Uncontrolled diabetes is linked with a number of health consequences that are often irreversible. Take a stand today and encourage the people around you to get their blood glucose levels checked. Also, help yourself! Talk with your doctor, a dietitian or diabetes educator and become more educated. You can never know too much about diabetes!

How can you get involved with your community in the act of stopping diabetes? Did you participate in any local events near you?

Let me know what you have done today to raise awareness about diabetes education and prevention!

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