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Forget the Snow, Get Up and Go! Wintertime Exercise Ideas

December 8, 2011

Along with winter comes holiday season, cold weather and usually LOTs of snow!  Okay even I’ll admit it…getting out of bed in the winter is a bit harder.  So take your extra 5 minutes snooze and then let’s get moving!  Even with the chilly climate, fitting in an exercise routine IS POSSIBLE.  There are PLENTY of outdoor and indoor activities that you can enjoy in the winter.  Check out some suggestions below to try this winter season!


Skiing: Taking a skiing trip can be a great winter getaway while being an excellent source of exercise.  Pick a mountain, rent some gear and take a lesson.  This popular wintertime activity is an amazing calorie burner that the entire family can enjoy.

Build a snowman: Rolling 3 large snowballs together to create one big snowman is a great way to get in some exercise!  Get the entire family involved, burn some calories and enjoy! And, don’t forget the carrot for the nose and raisins for the eyes and mouth!


Sledding: Break out your sled and search for the biggest hill on the block!  Trekking all the way up will provide a great workout on an incline.  Enjoy the way down and repeat! 

Ice Skating: Why not burn some calories on ice? Ice skating is a fun activity for all ages!  Take full advantage of this fun activity and avoid injury by choosing ice skates that feel comfortable on your feet.  Take the family to an ice skating rink nearby or better yet get into the holiday spirit and make a trip to Rockefeller Center!


Exercise videos: Exercise videos are an excellent and inexpensive way to stay on track this winter season.  With different videos you can easily change up your routine to keep it exciting and you don’t even have to leave the house!    

Strength Training: Lifting weights is a perfect way to strengthen and tone.  Purchase a set of 5lb and 10lb dumbbells and try different strength training exercises such as bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and lateral raises!  Try doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise.

Wii Fit: Wii Fit doesn’t just have to be for the kids!  Adults can also enjoy this interactive system too.  Wii Fit was created for indoor exercise activities that include aerobic and strength training activities.  So grab that controller and get in your dose of exercise!  That is, if your kids don’t mind sharing!


Yoga/Pilates: Build your mind, body and soul with Yoga and Pilates this winter.  Start off by purchasing a beginners video and mat and practice in your home.  Or if you are more experienced take your mat to a local class.  Not only are Yoga and Pilates great stress relievers but they can also increase flexibility and strength!  


Remember it is important to remain active even in the winter months.  So give some of these exciting wintertime activities a try!  You might even enjoy them so much that you will forget all about that snooze button! 

What are some winter activities that you enjoy?

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