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Top 10 ways to Survive Holiday Parties

December 23, 2011

The holidays are a special time of year, filled with family traditions, presents, gatherings and.….temptation!  You’ve worked hard all year to maintain a healthy weight and improve your lifestyle, so don’t let the holidays be your excuse to fall back into old habits.  Here are some tips that can become new habits to help you maintain your weight throughout the holiday season.  

10) Survey the scene!  Check out the buffet before filling your plate.  Note healthy choices that you can fill up on.  Don’t forget to fill half your plate with vegetables and then select favorites to fill the other half of your plate.  

9) Out of sight, out of mind!  Turn your back from the snack table, and toward your friends and family. 

8) Bring a veggie platter!   Who doesn’t love fresh veggies or fruit to nosh on?  Show your friends you care by bringing a vegetable or fruit platter for everyone to share.  Others will appreciate a healthy alternative as well.

7) Think before you drink!  Alcohol increases appetite and contributes to calories.  Drinking alcohol will take away from calories that can be consumed through more nutrient dense foods. 

6)  Walk it off!  Make time for exercise every day.  Take a family walk in between meals to get your digestive tract moving and burn some calories!    

5)  Don’t starve yourself!  Eat something small before going to a holiday party; that way you are less likely to overindulge on high fat appetizers. 

4) Learn to say NO!  Have the confidence to say “no” to that slice of pie being offered.  If  you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it just to please your host

3) Question yourself! “Do I really want/need this?”  Sometimes you may overindulge   on something just because it’s there.  You can avoid that by just taking a few seconds to really think about what you are choosing.

2)  Taste test!  If you decide to indulge in your favorite food, ask yourself “is it as good    as I thought it would be?”  Sometimes it’s not, and if so, don’t eat it!     

1) Practice moderation, not deprivation!  Remember that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed.  Foods are neither “good” or “bad”; everything is okay in moderation!

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