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Highlights of 2011-What Changes Have You Made?

December 26, 2011

With the end of the year fast approaching, what better time to reflect on the many changes, events and trends that have come about in 2011.  This year has been quite a busy year in the nutrition world.   I have highlighted below what I believe to be some of the major standouts.  Take a look and see if you incorporated any of them into your lifestyle.

Making Your Plate MyPlate:

We sat patiently this year and waited for the reveal of the new food icon.  And on June 2nd, we were introduced to MyPlate.  MyPlate was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and replaced MyPyramid.  It is meant to be an uncomplicated approach to teaching people how to create a balanced plate and eat nutritiously.   It is divided into colorful sections to identify healthy portions of grains, protein, fruits, vegetables and dairy. 

What changes have you made to your plate?  Does it look like MyPlate?  


Food Day:

This year we were introduced to our very first Food Day.  From now on, October 24th will be Food Day for years to come!  Get familiar with the six goals of this important day and be ready to celebrate each year.  

          Reduce diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy food

          Support sustainable farms & limit subsidies to big agribusiness

          Expand access to food and alleviate hunger

          Protect the environment and animals by reforming factory farms

          Promote health by curbing junk food marketing to kids

          Support fair conditions for food and farm workers

Did you celebrate Food Day this year?  If not, be sure to mark the date on your calendar for next year!  There are many fun events that you can participate in.  Check to look for local events near you. 

What will you do for Food Day next year?


Technology in Your Pocket:

Food tech trends are booming!  Nutrition apps are the latest craze in the nutrition world.  Whether you download your nutrition apps to an iPhone, blackberry or droid, they can work as useful tools to complement your current health plan.  The best part is…they fit right in your pocket and can accompany you all day!  Some nutrition apps include calorie counters, recipe selections, restaurant selections, and exercise trackers. 

Do you think nutrition apps are part of your future?  If they already are, what’s your favorite nutrition app?


Commitment to Ending Childhood Obesity:

Childhood obesity rates continue to grow.  Fortunately, so has the commitment to ending this epidemic!  Both the Kids Eat Right Campaign and the Let’s Move! initiative have been working all year to educate adults, children and policy makers about the importance of quality nutrition for our youth.  The Kids Eat Right Campaign was first introduced in November 2010 and has officially been launched for an entire year.  This campaign supports the efforts to end childhood obesity.  It is meant to educate communities and policy makers about the importance of nutrition for our youth.   In the same light, the Let’s Move! initiative has been working hard since last February to make efforts to end childhood obesity.  Initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama, the Let’s Move! initiative is dedicated to steering children to start on a healthy path to having a healthy future. 

Are you committed to ending childhood obesity?  Learn more about how you can help by visiting and


I would love to hear about the changes you made this year. 

Did you make your plate look like MyPlate?

Did you celebrate Food Day?

Did you download a nutrition app?

Did you make a commitment to help in ending childhood obesity?

How will you incorporate these changes into your lifestyle next year?















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