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Staying Motivated After New Years!

January 31, 2012

It’s already a full month into the New Year!  Around this time a lot of people begin to forget about their resolutions, which is why I tell my clients to think in terms of small changes instead of making resolutions.  It may be hard to follow through, day in and day out, so here are some tips to help you stay motivated!

1.  Baby steps!

You decided on New Year’s Eve that you want to improve your health but you are now finding it difficult to maintain that commitment.  Don’t give up.  Instead of trying to change too many things at once, take baby steps to achieve your goals.  As you accomplish each step and have incorporated the new behavior into your lifestyle, set another small goal and then another.  Before you know it, you will have made great strides.    


2.  Keep thinking about the reward!

Whichever goals you choose to achieve, whether it’s to eat healthier, exercise more, or to quit smoking…it’s in order for YOU to become a healthier person, so stick with it!  To help keep yourself motivated, keep constant reminders on your refrigerator, in your desk drawer at work, or wherever you’re sure to see it. 

3.  Write it down!

Keep a log each day of any progress or set backs you had.  This can help you to see any trends and you can make appropriate changes for the next day.  For example, if you see that you tend to eat unhealthier food choices on a particular day of the week because that day happens to be a usually stressful day for you, then plan ahead and pack lunch and healthy snacks the night before.  This will prevent you from the “grab and go” cycle and thinking “I’ll just wing it”.

4.  Create a distraction!

If you see a trend that at around the same time each day you find it difficult to stick with your plan, then create a distraction!  Let’s say you eat snacks before bedtime, even though you’re not hungry.  Instead, try reading a magazine or pick up a hobby such as crocheting so you’re distracted and doing something with your hands instead of reaching for the refrigerator door. 

5.  Include a friend! 

What better way to stay on track than to get your friends on board!  You’re more likely to continue on your path of healthy living by motivating each other. 

6.  Its ok to slip up! 

You are human and it’s inevitable to slip up.  Just make sure you get back on track immediately in order to save hundreds of unwanted calories.  Remember the saying “don’t let a lapse become a collapse”.


7.  Don’t forget to reward yourself!

Take some time out of your busy schedule to do something you enjoy doing.  Take a hike, go to a movie, get a massage.  After all, it’s important to acknowledge your success.  You deserve it!  


Remember, resolutions don’t last long.  But if you set small changes that you can accomplish over time, they will become a regular part of your routine and will become second nature. 


I am interested in hearing about the small change successes you have had so far this New Year.  Please write back and let me know.


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