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I’m Nuts for Pistachios

February 26, 2012

Did you know today, February 26th is National Pistachio Day? What a great day to enjoy these delicious little nuts that also happen to be a nutritious treat.  Check out some of their health benefits below and crack open some pistachios the next chance you get!

Pistachios and unsaturated fat:

The majority of the fat contained in pistachios is unsaturated.  90% to be exact! (Pistachios contain 14g of fat per 30g serving).  The breakdown of fat in pistachios is 55% from monounsaturated fat and 32% from polyunsaturated fat.   Both mono- and poly- being healthy unsaturated fats.  

Pistachios and fiber:

Pistachios are one of the leading nuts containing fiber.  One serving (1 ounce) of pistachio nuts contains 3 grams of fiber which is twice as much as walnuts! 

Pistachios and vitamins and minerals:

The vitamins and minerals most prominent in a pistachio nut are copper, manganese and phosphorus.  However they also include vitamin B6, and small amounts of thiamin, folate, biotin, riboflavin and niacin. 

Pistachios make us work for their deliciousness:

When we eat snacks we often eat mindlessly.  Fortunately, foods like pistachio nuts help us to avoid this.  Pistachios have a shell that must be removed before eating.  Therefore we must concentrate on removing this shell and therefore we become more aware of how many we are eating.  Pay attention to the shells that are removed to help you keep track of your intake.

I often enjoy Pistachios on their own, in a salad or by creating my own trail mix. 

How do you enjoy Pistachios? Will you be eating them today?  


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