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Happy Registered Dietitian Day

March 14, 2012

Hi!  My name is Jessica Acosta and I am a guest blogger today at The Nutrition Key with BRG.   I have worked with Bonnie Giller for a year and a half and it never ceases to amaze me how Bonnie helps her patients.  For those of you who know Bonnie, you know how hard she works to provide her patients with the best care possible, always being compassionate and understanding.  


All throughout March, we are celebrating National Nutrition Month (NNM), a campaign held annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  NNM focuses on the importance of developing healthy eating habits and engaging in regular physical activity. NNM promotes the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its associates to the public as the most valuable and reliable source of timely, science-based food and nutrition information.


Today, March 14th, 2012 marks the fifth annual Registered Dietitian Day, reminding everyone that a registered dietitian is the best source of practical and credible food and nutrition information.  The RD credential is a vital distinction when determining where Americans can get safe and accurate nutrition information.  Registered Dietitian Day celebrates the commitment of RDs, during National Nutrition Month and throughout the year, as strong supporters of improving the nutrition and health of Americans and people all over the world. 


While the term “nutritionist” is used freely, it is important to remember that many states do not have licensure for this term – so anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist” without the appropriate qualifications.  Look for the RD credential after the person’s name to ensure you are getting safe and science-based nutrition information   


Take a moment today and let your registered dietitian know how grateful you are that he/she has helped you!  I know I am grateful for the guidance Bonnie has given me and I went out of my way today to tell her!   


What have you done today to show appreciation to your registered dietitian?  Let me know!

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